Kids Coming Together is an organization that came to life from two brothers desire to help reach out to kids that could use academic and social support.  Darian and Shay Mauriello are two brothers who have two big hearts.  They feel very lucky to have a great support group helping them achieve their academic and social goals and they want to give back to other kids by being a support to them in return.  Darian and Shay have witnessed a lot of children in the surrounding areas struggle with things such as homework after school, social issues like peer pressures or bullying, and even building and maintaining strong self-esteem. Darian and Shay understand that being a kid can be hard sometimes and they want be an active part of helping kids after school in any areas they might be struggling with. Through their volunteer work they are creating support groups and after school forums to tackle these issues. They want to volunteer their time helping with homework, being an ear to listen, or even sitting and reading together.  Sometimes kids just need other compassionate kids to help them with the challenges they face and Darian and Shay want to be those kids.  They are kids that give back to kids and their organization Kids Coming Together wants to be there for you.